Organiser: Internautica, International Boat Show
Name of event: Internautica SUP Challenge 2018
Competition venue: Marina Portorož
Date: 19 May 2018
Application deadlines and entry fee: Pre-registrations are possible until 16 May 2018 using the entry form below. The entry fee for pre-registrations is €20, and €25 on the day of the competition. The entry fee includes a free ticket to visit the Internautica Boat Show, along with a drink and snack.
Categories: RACE, Men’s and Women’s Singles, 8 km
FUN, Men’s and Women’s Singles, 4 km
OLDER JUNIORS up to 18 years 4 km
JUNIORS up to 12 years 1200 m.

In each category there must be at least five contestants registered, otherwise the categories can not be combined.
Medals and awards: The first three places will be awarded with medals in all categories. All competitors will also be included in a prize draw.
Status of the competition, equipment: Stand-Up Paddling challenge returns for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. The Internautica SUP Challenge qualifies participants for the SUP Cup of Slovenia, so the rules of the Slovenian SUP Cup apply for the competition. Hard and inflatable boards are used. The maximum length of boards in the RACE and OLDER JUNIORS category is 14.0 (427 cm), the minimum length in the FUN category is 12.6″ (381 cm). The maximum length of boards in the JUNIORS category is 12.5″ (381 cm). The use of a safety strap (leash) is mandatory.
Competition manager: Rok Vettorazzi,
Parking: The car park intended for the Internautica Boat Show visitors is open to competitors free of charge.
Competition programme: 9.00 – Registration and submission of competition numbers
11.00 – Riders’ meeting
11.30 – Start
12.15 – 13.00 – Arrival of the riders at the finish
14.00 – Official announcement of the results and award ceremony
Competition area: The competition will start in Marina Portorož. The route runs along the main Portorož beach to the Bernardin Hotel; the route turns and competitors paddle back to the Marina with the finish line for the FUN and OLDER JUNIORS category competitors. The competitors in the RACE category make another turn and end the competition in Marina Portorož. The competitors in the JUNIORS category will also start in Marina Portorož. The route runs along the main Portorož beach, where a clockwise turn around buoy 1 follows, and then competitors paddle back to Marina Portorož.

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  • RACE 8km FUN 4km JUNIORS 4 km CHILDREN 1200 m
*Category JUNIORS(year 2000 and yunger)
*Category CHILDREN(letnik 2006 and yunger)

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