International boat show INTERNAUTICA once again welcomes its business partners and exhibitors, visitors, and all lovers of the sea.

The year 2022 finally brings some promising news with the easing of the pandemic and many associated restrictions, which until now have limited the execution of various events, including boat shows. In recent times, we have witnessed the cancellation of several of the world’s biggest boat shows, which has deeply affected the nautical industry and corresponding promotional activities. If the restrictions put in place to prevent the pandemic do not tighten again, we are pleased to announce that INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW INTERNAUTICA will indeed go ahead in May this year.

After conducting a survey with various exhibitors and business partners of Internautica, results show excitement towards the possibility that the spring fair hustle and bustle will return to the newly owned and substantially renovated Marina Portorož. Exhibitors are fully prepared to adjust to the new circumstances, which will be adapted in line with pandemic-related health and safety recommendations.

Internautica is renowned as the most important Adriatic boat show. As such, it is an ideal place for developing good business relations, learning must-know nautical news, and celebrating the achievements of industry leaders nationally and internationally.
Within the covered exhibition spaces, exhibitors will introduce the latest nautical gear like they have done in previous years. They will also showcase their services, different nautical accessories, sports clothes, and news from the world of caravanning. When it comes to the outside spaces and sea moorings, visitors will be able to admire various advances made in the world of sports motor vessels, yachts, sailboats, inflated boats, motorhomes, and endless attractive electric vehicles.

Internautica, being one of the official partner projects of the European Commission’s #EUGREENWEEK, will yet again present vessels and projects that are purposefully designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. As well as being made with sustainable and construction-efficient technologies, these vessels use innovative propulsion systems that reduce fuel consumption and emissions into the environment. In connection with all of the above within the campaign »REthinkPLASTIC«, Internautica will continue to raise public awareness regarding the issue of plastic waste in the sea and actively help with the search for the solution of said issue.

The flagship program of Internautica will feature premiere presentations of vessels and nautical equipment, as well as numerous content-worthy events related to the sea, which will take place during the four days of the fair.
Internautica offers countless possibilities for marine business and entrepreneurship. It represents an incentive for new ideas from the best maritime innovators. It is an inspiration for finding solutions that want to return more and take less from the sea, the earth, and the environment. Last but not least, it is an irreplaceable opportunity for Adriatic tourism. Internautica is always looking for new ways and means to connect man and nature, and Portorož offers the best possible venue for this.

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